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Exterior Painting

Exterior Painting

Exterior Painting

Do you have an exterior painting project in mind, but maybe actually starting the process feels a little overwhelming? It’s hard to know where to begin!

Because of this, it is important to choose an experienced painting company that is willing to take the time to make sure you are completely satisfied with the direction and scope of your project.

With over 30 years of exterior painting experience, RB Painting Plus is ready to help! You can count on the following:

Help with product selection – There are many colors and products out there, all claiming to be the best. With your specific needs and vision in mind, we can help you navigate the options and make the best choices for your home.
Color selection – We are more than willing to discuss color options and even apply a sample of a certain paint to your home so that you can get an idea of what the color will truly look like.
Complete protection of your property – With a special eye on your landscaping, we will protect your property through the use of drop cloths and plastic coverings.
Surface preparation – We can finish small carpentry repairs as needed, as well as sand and scrape your siding to make sure it is properly prepared and paint-ready.
A clean work environment – By cleaning up the job site at the end of each day, we will respect and protect your home.
A thorough process – We will inspect your home’s exterior prior to painting, allowing us to catch any potential trouble-spots before we begin so that nothing delays an on-schedule completion. This is also part of our commitment to making sure your home does not just look good, but is sound and strong.
Your satisfaction – After the project is complete, we will inspect the work with you to make sure that you are completely happy with the work completed.

exterior painting

At RB Painting Plus, we pride ourselves on providing quality exterior painting. We provide our customers with outstanding work. We’re proud of our client record, our 30+ years in business and our commitment to superior craftsmanship.

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